Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dell XPS 17 L702X Upgraded To Windows 8

I finally had the time to upgrade my humble gaming laptop. The upgrade from windows 7 to 8 took about 45 minutes and was very straight forward.

The only problem is that the touch screen stopped working. The N-trig drivers I downloaded from both Dell and N-trig website cannot run under Windows 8, even though it says Windows 8 on the download page. I googled around and came across a forum post recommending I deactivate Intel graphics. I did that and the touch screen worked after rebooting the machine.

Initial thoughts on the new Windows OS: it is fast, really fast. Arranging icons on the new start menus interface is not as responsive as arranging apps on iOS. I like the windows App Store as it has many good looking apps. unfortunately, most of which are website-apps, we got Apple to thank for that.

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