Friday, December 21, 2012

3 ways to transfer Playstation 3 save games

Im trying to move my saves to my new PS3 and found these easy methods:

Data Transfer Utility using an ethernet cable between the two PS3s to move everything from one PS3 to the other. This will pave over one PS3 with the data from another PS3. There is no merging of data.

Saved Data Utility lets you use a USB thumb drive to manually copy game saves to a USB drive and to other PS3s. The only drawback is that you can't copy game saves that are copy-protected. Not all game saves are copy-protected. Saved Data Utility also lets you use the PlayStation Network Online Storage that does let you copy copy-protected data. That requires a paid PlayStation Plus subscription.

Backup Utility will make a full system backup onto an external USB hard drive, but it will only restore copy-protected data onto the same console. If you restore onto a different console, everything but the copy-protected data will copy over

I think I'll manually copy my saves, hoping that none are copy-protected.