Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Comments on Firefox 3 Beta 1

Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 is out and available to download. And guess what? I like it.


  • Revamped bookmarks: with tags and one-click bookmarking using a Google-style star near the address bar. Double click the star to add tags to the new bookmark and edit title and location.
  • Full-page zoom: Great for enlarging websites and read them comfortably without messing the layout. Try resizing the BBC News site in IE or FF2 and see the mess you're making, full-page zoom fixes that. Great for wide screens too, and my mom's laptop!!
  • No more saving wrong passwords. They are saved after successfull login.

Bad (Note that it is still in beta and these will probably be fixed before RC1):
  • HUGE memory footprint compared to Firefox 2 (and 1.5), even with only 2 tabs open. While writing this post my memory usage reached 770MB!!
  • Revamped download manager looks nicer but the download speed text keeps changing places depending on the number of minutes remaining. you will know what I'm talking about when you try it.
  • Delayed 2 months (and no promise on release date).
Don't download FF3 yet. This release is for developers and testers only. Keep using FF2.