Monday, April 13, 2009

Edge Magazine

This is one of the best magazines with focus on the business and developer aspect of the games industry. Edge Magazine realized the grim future of print media and launched an online version of the magazine. If you are interested in the economy of game development, check this one out.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Geeks Talking

I enjoy watching what technology enthusiasts (also known as geeks) have to say about technology. They have a passion for what they do and it shows when they talk. Thats why I always search for videos of geeks talking and listen to what they say, and I always learn something new from every video.

I also wanted to embed these videos here but I didn't want to spam this blog. That's why Geeks Talking was created. It is a place to show interesting videos that I encounter daily. New videos will be linked on the left-side column.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nokia 5800/E71, iPhone 3G, Blackberry Bold - Compared

BB Curve, E71 and iPhone

I was asked to compare these four smartphones, so here we go. I wrote a much longer article but decided it was too long and rewrote it. This comparison is for me personally and I realize that most of you have different needs and uses for your smartphones. For me, I want a good web browser, camera, keyboard, connectivity, applications, and good looks.

Please note that this discussion is about hacked iPhones because if you're using iPhone in Kuwait, then it is hacked.

Apple created the iPhone so it must be cool and trendy, but that is not a selling point for me. To use the iPhone in Kuwait you have to hack it (or buy it pre-hacked) and that is not ideal because you can't update it with security patches until these patches are hacked as well, usually few days or weeks later.

I will not use a smartphone with outdated software, let alone outdated firmware. Talk to me when a Kuwaiti wireless carrier strikes a deal with Apple to carry the iPhone officially. Besides, this June Apple will announce a new iPhone with supposedly a better camera, true bluetooth, and "official" video recording.

And why on earth do I have to use iTunes every time I want to sync my music and pictures?

This is madness! (pt. 2)

Worst web browser in a phone, period. One reason is enough. But there are more reasons for me to stay away from this hype-ware phone. I'm not a corporate email fanatic and I can live without Blackberry messenger (I use MSN on my mobile instead or good ol' SMS). More reasons to stay away? You need a telecommunications engineer every time you want to change the settings in this thing. The settings interface is so bad, seems like only corporate IT people can set it up.

Face it people, there are only two reason you are using Blackberry:
1- Your company gave you one.
2- All your friends have one and you were missing out on the 24/7 free text party.

For the first group, tough luck! I know a guy who stashes it in the glove box.
For the second group, use any instant messaging software and stay connected with your friends, you are paying for Internet anyway.

This is madness! (pt. 2)

Nokia E71 and 5800 Xpress Music:
Now these two have everything that I need in a smartphone. A browser that can open all websites, and play web videos, 3.2 MP camera, qwerty keyboard, a whole library of applications, and they both look good.

They are not as trendy, cool, and hyped as the other two, but their functionality (for my personal needs) is unmatched elsewhere.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Open Expo 2009 Videos

This is a great collection of speeches about open-source software. These geeks can't stop talking about Linux and freedom of technology.

check it out: Open Expo 2009

Don't mind his Red Hat, pun intended.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Kuwait Minstry of Communications Blocks VoIP

It is understandable if the ministry block suspicious and x-rated websites and domains but it is reaally unacceptable to block major voice over IP providers like Skype and Fring.

Where I work I subscribed to a VoIP provider (which I will not name) and we are saving a lot of money on international calls and SMS. However there is no guarantee that the ministry of communications will block this provider as well. Therefore we don't buy annual VoIP packages, which should save us more money.

The only reason the government is doing this is to prevent illegal VoIP resellers inside Kuwait. You know, these places where Asians line up to call home for half the price of regular international calls.

The only way out of this dilema is to open up international calling and landline services to private companies, like every other nation in the world does. Saudi Arabia just launched a private landline company and mobile carriers over there carry their own international calls and their own competitive rates.

Open up international calls and unblock Skype and let us be open to new technologies, please.