Monday, August 04, 2008

Blackberry not as good as Nokia

Blackberry fans i challenge you. Please come forward and proof what I'm saying is wrong.

Nokia E71 is better than ANY blackberry mobile phone, For the following reasons:

  • Both check your email with the same efficiency but Nokia E71 downloads email faster.
  • Nokia E71 also lets you get your Gmail and Yahoo mail the same way you get your work email.
  • Nokia E71 opens more attachment types.
  • Blackberry in Kuwait does not have 3G.
  • Nokia's Symbian OS has a massive software catalog.
  • E71 is lighter than blackberry.
  • The web browser in Blackberry is pathetic and extremely basic. It will never load a page as complex as Try the browser on E71 to see the difference.
  • Blackberry's clickwheel is annoying.
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with flash? Yup only in Nokia.
  • E71 has a very fast processor and large internal memory with memory cards support up to 8GB.
  • Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, "normal" headphones jack, USB, you name it, its in Nokia E71.

Just show me one feature in Blackberry that is not in the E71. Open challenge, guys. Bring it on!!


  1. blackberry messenger :) thats the only reason that makes blackberry worthwhile

  2. bb has all the above and lets you get gmail yahoo or hotmail just like you get ur work email too ..

    the only thing lacking from a bb is the decent browser .. and i dont think any phone browser can beat the iphone's

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  4. You are comparing E71 to old Blackberry devices. If we compare the E71 to the new Blackberry Bold you will find that the Bold matches the E71 features.

    Even the web browser on the Bold is based on the WebKit engine that is on E71 and iPhone.

    Yet the one feature that is only available on Blackberry and makes it stand out is the push email. It is an instant email protocol for all email addresses.

    Nokia and other manufacturers have ones that try to mimic it or only via MS Exchange servers.

    So what are we left with? Just apps? Well who cares about a huge back catalog of apps that we will never need or use once we install them. Also most apps now are all MDIP based an can be used on all OSes that support java.

    Anything else?

  5. Anonymous: There are so many free IMs for Symbian.

    Anonymous 2: you mean Nokia has all the above. iPhone's browser is based on webkit just like Nokia E71.

    nibaq: would you find ALL the E71 features in just one Blackberry?

    Regarding push email, Blackberry syncs with the email server every 15 minutes in non-peak time and reduced this interval to few seconds once there are email activities (source: RIM employee). And you cannot reconfigure this. So it is not really push email. Also, blackberry requires your company to install RIM software on top of Microsoft Exchange for blackberry to connect to it. Unlike in E71, where you can set the required peak and non-peak sync intervals, including "continues sync" for real push email.

    Regarding MIDP applications, they are slow like all Java applications.


  6. Blackberry Bold vs E71 Yeah that is pretty much everything.

    I have a Blackberry accessing my GMail account, company account, my personal webserver and none of them have MS Exchange on them. I have never faced any issues with this 15 minute delay. Every email Ive gotten has been instantaneous. Sometimes my Blackberry would peep before my Gtalk notifies me.

    Badly written MIDP applications are slow. Case in point Google has done a great job with their Maps and GMail app.

  7. HOw can I download bb messenger on a E71

  8. no video calling on BB or that Iphone, lol that really sucks... so way did they leave off the second most important feature of 3G...

  9. Can I install bb messenger on a E71? If so, how can I do it?

  10. I use IMAP on my E71 and can set the hours I am connected to the server. It's instant email and I can set up accounts on the phone on the fly, anytime. I also have a Bold, an SE c902, a K850 and a 5800XM. All except the BB can be set up on the fly to any email account. Even GMail uses IMAP. I used an 8600 forever too. I could go on and on about how BlackBerry misses that mark. Those other phones have either 3.2 or 5.0 megapixel cameras, they have A2DP Bluetooth and OBEX that works! The "apps" are fantastic to have. I don't only use them once, I download the ones I need and use them all the time. The ONLY thing Blackberry has going for them is BBM. They are way behind the times and somebody is going to take them out... hint: it's not going to be Apple.

  11. android is going to beat the bb os. Symbian 2. Bb sucks. Bbm makes it interesting. But other futures sucks. Slow bluetooth. Camera sucks. No video call. No massive games. Works like a java phone. Not smart enough for me. Android is the one. Comeswith the real smarth phones