Monday, January 28, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro at Kuwait's Infoconnect

I went by the Microsoft booth at Infoconnect expo and got some hands-on time with the Surface pro. It is thin and light. Keyboard is very thin but thick enough to protect the screen. The Indian salesman at the Microsoft booth claimed the battery life is 6 to 8 hours. I believe it won't reach 5 hours in the best case.

The device will cost 199 Kuwait Dinars (around 700 US Dollars) with the keyboard. And it is already available (unofficially and with a higher price tag) at xcite and eureka stores all around Kuwait.

I also purchased a full version Windows 8 for 25 KD ($88) and was offered the Windows 8 pro upgrade for 19 KD but declined. I believe 6 KD difference is worth it to go for full version. The salesman also gave me anti-virus software for free (which I threw away almost immediately).


  1. I think you tried the Surface, not the Surface Pro (release date Feb 9 in US). I can't find the Surface Pro anywhere in all these stores today.


  2. If you want to double check, look at your processor specs. It should be Intel-Core i5 for the pro.

  3. I switched to the Windows 8 desktop myself and played around with desktop properties. I'm sure it is Surface pro not RT.

    As for availability, the salesman's word was that it was available in eurika. I did look for it myself.

  4. Thanks ...eurika you said ! I will go there tired going every are and no body knows the pro !!

  5. I found surface pro at xcite but it was out of stock, completly sold out! Cant find it anywhere else..