Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finally, Official 64-bit Firfox?

Mozilla Firefox started its life as a fast replacement for Netscape Communicator, which was extremely slow. The light-wight browser-only Firefox was welcomed with open arms due to its speed and its light use of system resources. The idea then was that Mozilla makes the browser as light as possible and if users wanted more functionality they would download add-ons.

However, Mozilla was so successful and generated referral revenue from Google in millions. Which led to the non-profit company to expand and shift their focus away from their main product. Firefox did not become neglected but the main idea behind Firefox was neglected. They started adding more and more features to Firefox, making it heavier and heavier. This led to slowness in the growth rate of firefox and the emergence of other "faster" browsers.

Come Firefox 4. A shift back to the old ideals of faster and lighter browser. Mozilla just announced the alpha release of the web browser and this version includes the usual UI (user interface) update and faster javascript engine, two changes we are used to get with every update. However, the more noticeable new features are multiprocess support for tabs and plug-ins, and official 64-bit version.

Now Firefox will scream on multi-core machines (all new decent computers are multi-core) and will not crash. if a plug-in crashes (Flash for example) it will die by itself leaving Firefox running as if nothing happened.

Do not download the alpha version yet because its still buggy and the new UI is not all there just yet.

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