Saturday, July 11, 2009

Viva's Fake Word of Mouth Campaign

Seems like Viva, a very tiny and ignorable Kuwaiti telco, is emailing bloggers using fake names and emails to complement their latest ad campain. Its so obvious and pathatic. Nobody is using Viva and nobody cares.

I recieved two emails from pink[...] and s.m[...] both asking my opinion about Viva's recent ads and both attached pictures of the ads, which i won't put on my blog. I'm suddnly an advertising expert and my opinion matters to random people?

I wonder how desperate is their marketing department to attempt such a stunt and sound so obvious and fake? They need people to talk about them in their blogs and get free ads all over the kuwaiti blogsphere? Good idea, but bad fake names.
Probably this post means they have accomplished their goal and let me write about them and give them free mention and advertising. But i felt the need to warn all bloggers out there.
The emails are fake!!


  1. soooooooooooooo ...... ?

  2. so what if i warn my fellow bloggers about a scam? Or strange anonymous commenters?

  3. We got mail from s.m[...] about this topic! We sent mail back asking how he/she reached to these conclusions but no reply yet! But I’ve seen others already posted this topic

  4. that confirms it now i'm really ticked off
    how pathatic viva