Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally A Usable iPhone

After watching apple's WWDC keynote, I can finally see an iPhone that I can use. Tomtom finally provided turn-by-turn GPS navigation application. The inclusion of copy/paste and MMS took some time but they managed to introduce these features. Official Arabic support, a plethora of applications and games, a faster CPU and an actual GPU. And don't forget zero configuration tethering.
Now I'm missing only two things, official carrier in Kuwait and a physical keyboard. I can manage without a keybord but I will only get an iPhone if its officially sim free or officially supported by a local Kuwaiti carrier.
Come on Zain, stop hauling in blackberries, where are the iPhones?


  1. you think you can but the soft keyboard on the iphone isn't all that peachy.

  2. try iphone .. u won't be able to use other mobile phones 3ogba!
    get officially unlocked , local companies won't get it soon ..
    version 3.0 solved all problems!