Friday, April 03, 2009

Kuwait Minstry of Communications Blocks VoIP

It is understandable if the ministry block suspicious and x-rated websites and domains but it is reaally unacceptable to block major voice over IP providers like Skype and Fring.

Where I work I subscribed to a VoIP provider (which I will not name) and we are saving a lot of money on international calls and SMS. However there is no guarantee that the ministry of communications will block this provider as well. Therefore we don't buy annual VoIP packages, which should save us more money.

The only reason the government is doing this is to prevent illegal VoIP resellers inside Kuwait. You know, these places where Asians line up to call home for half the price of regular international calls.

The only way out of this dilema is to open up international calling and landline services to private companies, like every other nation in the world does. Saudi Arabia just launched a private landline company and mobile carriers over there carry their own international calls and their own competitive rates.

Open up international calls and unblock Skype and let us be open to new technologies, please.


  1. im using voip over gprs on my e71 and no body knows about it :> and no one will inshalla

  2. Most of us are VOIP users, we just keep it very quiet and, like you, use somewhat obscure providers. ;-)