Monday, April 13, 2009

Edge Magazine

This is one of the best magazines with focus on the business and developer aspect of the games industry. Edge Magazine realized the grim future of print media and launched an online version of the magazine. If you are interested in the economy of game development, check this one out.


  1. the word game economy grabbed my attention ! woh 3ala kil hali iydoor bil3alam and there is economy of game development ..

    that reminded me of an info my C# dr on my graduation yr was telling us by the beginning of each class o graphics : the highest salary on the world sa7ba a games programmer ! egyptian but works in the states , the 2nd highest one indian also games programmer :/

  2. The software games business is huge. The global games software revenue is estimated at 1 billion dollar a month. It's also one of the few recession-proof businesses.