Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Mainstream Users Won't Switch to Firefox

Straight to the answer: Because it does not LOOK exactly like Internet Explorer. And that includes good and bad interface "design."

For example, my brother wont switch simply because there is no Favorite star-shaped icon in the top-left of Firefox! Of all the features of Firefox and all the lacking of features in IE, the yellow star was the selling point for him!

Mozilla keeps on adding features and features to enhance its browser's speed and security and interface, thinking that this will attract more people to switch from IE, while actual "mainstream" users are just waiting for something as trivial as a button in a location they are used to.

Of course end-users can configure Firefox the way they want. But, lets face it, they wont.

What I suggest to solve this problem is to introduce a special Mozilla-made IE theme for Firefox that, unlike the current IE theme, not only copies the colors and buttons of IE but also copies everything in the IE interface. also introduce with it a new blue Firefox icon and name it "Firefox Internet Browser" as apposed to Mozilla Firefox which means nothing to the uninitiated.

This theme changes things that can't be changed with regular themes, thats why i called it a "special" theme. And no, i wont make it, so save your breath.

What do you think Mozilla?


  1. mainstream users do not go out of their way to download a browser, they just use whatever they have in front of them.

    I have firefox and I rarely use it, if ever. I think it's too damn slow. I love Safari :)

  2. Since you're not using IE, you're no longer "mainstream" :)

    And you're right, I'm just saying that this special theme will help mainstream users once I download Firefox for them.