Saturday, June 14, 2008

iPhone: Good News and Bad News

OK, so I'm finally sold on the iPhone 3G. Excellent mobile phone with all the features that I need; from "exchange push email" to 3G (3.5G actually) and wifi. And the upcoming Mobile Firefox, where I think Mozilla is heavely concentrating on the iPhone platform (most builds are shown on a large portrait touch screen, its obvious).

The bad news:

  1. No MMS, copy paste, or video out of the box
  2. $199 price is only for in-store activated phones. Which means you can't buy one and exit the store without commiting to a 2 year plan. No clue how much it will cost without activation, if they will sell it without activation.
To remedy the first problem you have to jailbreak (unlock) the iPhone, if you can get your hand on one, which is the second problem.


  1. jailbreak is easy, I did it myself under 5 min!
    just google it and you'll find many!

  2. I'm talking about jailbraiking the new iPhone 3G, which should be as easy, but the phone itself may be hard to get.

  3. I got my iPhone 3G from ebay because most iPhone's are sold out. Now, the good part is that my iPhone is officially unlocked. You don't need to unlock it. I definitely think that MMS, Copy paste, and full arabic support will be coming down the road. In fact, O2 users in London, they can download an MMS application from the app store- but it will only work for 02 users at the moment.