Monday, March 31, 2008

No need for Microsoft Word, Use Mozilla Prism

No, I wont replace "Techlog" in the title with "Browser log" or "Mozilla log".

Having said that, Have you looked at Mozilla's Prism? It is the window to look at the next generation of applications. It is simply a web browser for one site. And you can have many Prisms pointing at different sites (like in the picture on the right).

Say you want to write a document, you click on Microsoft Word icon and start typing. Or now, you click on the Google Documents icon and start typing. The first action runs a program on your local computer but the second action runs an application on the web. It will be seamless. The two applications have almost the same functionality and look the same.

But why not just use Firefox to run Google Docs?
Simple, for using web applications like Google Docs and Gmail, you don't need all those extra buttons and text fields, like the address bar, status bar, search bar, bookmarks/favorites, file menus, themes and extensions. This way you will have an application that is lighter on system resources and clutter-free.

Best of all, with firefox 3 and/or Google Gears you can access web applications (and save and print your work) online and offline. Therefore, eliminating the need for Microsoft Office (and its clones) completely.

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