Tuesday, January 30, 2007

MTC E-GO USB Data Card النهاية تمت

Its official! MTC announced today the new USB data card E-GO! should I say I told you so?

The details are:
- 3.6 Mbps HSDPA (firmware supports 7.2 Mbps but MTC network can't support that speed yet)
- It is for corporate MTC customers only (no personal accounts, sorry to hear that)
- Package 1: 2-year contract, unlimited download, minimum 5 USB cards purchased, (14 KD/month and the card comes free)
- Package 2: 1-year contract, 5GB per month download limit, 0.00002 KD (0.02 fils) per extra KB (i.e. 1 fils for each extra 50KB), (16 KD/month and the card costs 60 KD)

My personal opinion: This is ridiculous. Only companies can buy this. Why advertise something for the public and only make it available to the corporates?

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